Andrological Institute: Reality show awakens Greek men apetite for sex

Eight out 10 men watching “Survivor”, a reality show in Greek TV, doubled the frequency of their sexual contacts, according to a survey of the Andrological Institute.

The survey was conducted in the last quarter on a sample of 1,000 men aged 20 to 60 who visited the Andrological Institute.

According to the survey, eight out of 10 men doubled their sexual intercourse, while the frequency of contacts remained stable for those who did not see it, urologist and andrologist, president of the Andrological Institute, Kostas Kostantinidis said.

“While we would expect that the television would diminish men’s sexual interest, the research showed the opposite. The anxiolytic property of the game, the anxiety about the winner, the clichĂ© that men are the hunters and women the prey, the absence of deeper thoughts, all this in combination with the fact that sex was absent in the game, and men and women were struggling for a dish of food, forgetting their sexual identity in a heavenly setting, awakened primitive instincts, which usually fall asleep when you hear of new measures and austerity in the news …” Konstantidis explained.