Immunotherapeutic vaccine to combat type 1 diabetes in final stage of clinical development

The development of an immunotherapeutic vaccine to combat type 1 diabetes is well on track and clinical trials are at a final stage at the Harvard University, Dr Sotiris Adamidis, Professor at the University of Athens and President of the European [...]

Heart-health walk event to begin at SNF Cultural Centre in Athens on Oct. 1

An event to promote the benefits of walking for protecting the heart and overall health will be held at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre in southern Athens on October 1, organised by the Hellenic Association of Cardiovascular [...]

Athens seeks to become top dental tourism destination

The dental sector is playing an important role in boosting and promoting medical tourism in Greece. For that reason, a group of Greek specialised dentists set up a cluster in 2015 with the view to further promoting the sector. “In an effort [...]

Greece aims to strengthen its role in health tourism

The Department of Medical Tourism of the Institute of Scientific Research of the Panhellenic Medical Association has started a series of coordinated efforts to promote health tourism abroad. The aim is to strengthen Greece’s role in the [...]

Telemedicine service for emergency heart problems launched on five Greek islands

An telemedicine service providing support in the care of emergency heart problems has been launched on five remote Greek islands, via the National Telemedicine Network, the 2nd Pireaus and Aegean Regional Health Administration announced on Wednesday. The [...]

Greek medical study: Breakfast and small, frequent meals are heart healthy

The importance of breakfast and diet for a healthy heart and circulatory system, but also the impact of socioeconomic factors, psychological health and exercise, were revealed by the clinical study “Korinthia” carried out by a large [...]

Mediterranean diet also protects against breast cancer, study shows

In addition to its potential benefits in the case of heart disease, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases, adherence to a Mediterranean diet may also reduce the risk of some types of postmenopausal breast cancer, according to a study published [...]

First robotic chest lobectomy in Greece perfomed on 80-year-old cancer patient

The first robotic chest lobectomy was performed successfully on an 80-year-old patient who suffered from lung cancer at the Inter-Balkan Medical Center of Thessaloniki last week. The surgery was performed using the “da Vinci Si HD” system, [...]

Balkan initiative with the help of Greece in multiple myeloma treatment

The Plasma Cell Dyscrasias Unit of the Medical Faculty Therapeutic Clinic of the National University of Athens is taking an initiative in the Balkans for the better treatment of multiple myeloma patients. Although today there are effective treatments [...]

Greece to claim European Medicine Association’s headquarters

Greece will claim the headquarters of the European Medicine Agency. Alternate Foreign Minister George Katrougalos will table the official request to the Organisation’s president with whom he will meet on Friday in London. Katrougalos [...]