Tragedy in Athens – Aerial footage

New budget resources to meet new EU challenges

MEPs are proposing reforms to the European Union’s own resources framework, to bolster the EU’s budget for future challenges.

From budget to tax evasion, 5 numbers to take away from Strasbourg

The new priorities for the next long-term budget of the EU were in the spotlight during this plenary session in Strasbourg, as well as stricter rules to avoid tax evasion, the reaction of MEPs to the promotion of Martin Selmayr, Head of Cabinet [...]

EU cross-border parcel delivery

Prices for cross-border parcel delivery can be inconsistent, arbitrary and confusing. The European Parliament wants all citizens to know what they are paying for. That’s why they are passing legislation for more transparency in regards [...]

Europass, the passport to mobility for EU citizens

Members of Parliament are to vote on a revision of Europass, a scheme that makes it easier for people’s professional skills to be understood across the EU. They want to update the digital version and make the tool more accessible.

Parliament calls for stricter export controls on spyware technology

Parliament is calling for a stricter control on exports of “dual-use goods”, in particular civilian technologies that could be used by authoritarian regimes to spy on citizens.

Zero tolerance for female genital mutilation

A resolution of the European Parliament calls for zero tolerance for female genital mutilation, affecting 140 million women worldwide and an estimated 500,000 women in the EU alone.

The European Single Market

“The European Single Market ensures that goods, services and people can move freely within the EU. It was created to ensure that EU consumers have access to a wider choice of goods and services at competitive prices.

Human Rights

The European Union was founded on principles of human rights and freedom of expression. That’s why the European Parliament supports countries like Tunisia in their ongoing efforts towards democracy. This support comes in the form of legal [...]