Reinforcing e-privacy

The European Parliament is updating data protection rules to include new forms of communication such as WhatsApp and other instant messengers. The aim is to better protect people’s privacy.

Lux Film Prize: shining a light on identity and prejudice

The three finalists for the 2017 Lux Film Prize all tackle themes of identity and prejudice: from Sweden’s ‘Sámi Blood’ by director Amanda Kernell, ‘Western’ by German director Valeska Grisebach, to France’s [...]

MEPs fight for cheaper phone calls to other EU countries

A “reverse 112” system to alert citizens in case of emergency, cheaper phone calls to other EU countries and an overall improved access to telecommunication networks across the EU: this is what a draft Committee report of the European [...]

EU-Africa: MEPs call for “reciprocal” partnership

In the face of the migrants crisis, MEPs want the EU to initiate a new relationship with Africa to promote sustainable development and help curb illegal migration flows.

“No second-class consumers”: MEPs discuss dual food quality

The EU is looking into allegations that food companies are selling lower quality food products to some EU countries. The European Commission presents its latest findings and discusses consumer protection laws with MEPs.

Common goals: The Energy Union

What does your energy source mean to you? Perhaps more pertinently, what will it mean to your children? Air pollution and unpredictable fuel prices plague Europe – action must be taken. The European Union is working to bring change. Cooperatives [...]

More solidarity on gas supply

The European Parliament is finalising a new regulation to safeguard the security of gas supply to the EU. Member States facing severe gas shortages will be able to count on help from neighbouring countries under new solidarity rules.

MEP Soraya Post on Roma: “Nobody wants to live like cattle.”

Swedish MEP Soraya Post, a Roma herself, is working on a report focusing on the root causes of anti-Gypsyism. Europe has to recognise its failure to integrate this community, she says in an interview.

Swimming safely in European waters

Everyone enjoys a refreshing summer swim. The European Parliament believes in keeping Europe’s bathing waters clean. This is why the water quality of swimming sites is tested regularly so everyone knows the safest bathing sites in Europe. [...]

European Health Insurance Card: keeping you safe abroad

Maybe it’s a ski trip gone wrong or slipping at the swimming pool – everyone has a travel horror story. When travelling in Europe, the European Parliament wants you to have access to the health care you need with the European Health [...]