Climate Change

Climate change is the primary challenge our generation will face, and the European Union has the power to do something about it, but what? The Baltic region is the European area most at risk of climate change, facing heatwaves, torrential rain [...]


Over 180,000 migrants landed on the island of Lampedusa in 2016 alone. For years, migration has challenged MEPs as much as European citizens, for whom it has become a major concern. Meet the citizens of Lampedusa – fishermen, a doctor [...]

Venezuela’s democratic opposition is awarded Sakharov Prize 2017

The 2017 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of thought has been awarded to all political prisoners in Venezuela and the democratic opposition, represented by the president of its National Assembly Julio Borges. “This award is a recognition for every [...]

Merry digital Christmas

During the Christmas period, more and more citizens are turning to digital products. It is a new norm that need to be regulated to better protect citizens. From defective products, unjustified geo-blocking, cross-border deliveries, to online [...]

Tax evasion needs permanent inquiry

After the Paradise Papers leaks, members of the Parliament will most likely call for the creation of a special investigative committee, and ultimately of a permanent standing committee, to shed light on wrongdoings in the field of taxation. [...]

Youth Employment in the EU: MEPs push for innovative approaches

Launched in 2013, the Youth Employment Initiative provides financial support to regions struggling with high rates of youth unemployment. MEPs now want Member States to play their part and promote much needed reforms with long-term, sustainable [...]

Disabilities in the EU: long road to equality

To ensure people with disabilities have equal representation and opportunities in society and in the workplace, the European Parliament is looking to further the EU-wide Disability Strategy, tackling issues such as gender equality, poverty and [...]

EU Parliament urges a rethink of our farming model

The European Parliament is calling for a gradual phase out of glyphosate, a substance found in common weedkillers and widely used by households and in agriculture. MEPs want a rethink of the farming model to include alternatives such as integrated [...]

Reinforcing e-privacy

The European Parliament is updating data protection rules to include new forms of communication such as WhatsApp and other instant messengers. The aim is to better protect people’s privacy.

Lux Film Prize: shining a light on identity and prejudice

The three finalists for the 2017 Lux Film Prize all tackle themes of identity and prejudice: from Sweden’s ‘Sámi Blood’ by director Amanda Kernell, ‘Western’ by German director Valeska Grisebach, to France’s [...]