Guard at the Athens University stabbed at Zografou campus

A guard at the Athens University Campus in Zografou was stabbed and lightly injured early on Saturday by unknown perpetrators. According to police sources, the incident happened when the campus guards prevented a group of people from entering [...]

5th Athens International Tourism Expo opens its doors to the public

The 5th Athens International Tourism Expo (AITE) opened its doors to the public on Friday at the Athens Metropolitan conference centre, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Organization. At the opening ceremony, [...]

Three minors and two foreign nationals among those arrested during Thursday’s clashes

Three minors and two foreign nationals were among the 13 people arrested in clashes in downtown Athens on Thursday, during protest rallies to mark the 10th anniversary since the murder of teenager Alexis Grigoropoulos in 2008 and later incidents [...]

59-year-old man from Giannitsa arrested for killing stray dog

A 59-year-old man from Giannitsa, west of Thessaloniki, has been arrested for inflicting fatal injuries on a stray dog with a shotgun. The man was arrested by police from the Ambelokipi-Menemeni police station on Monday for violating laws on [...]

Two men accused of murdering female student on Rhodes led before prosecutor

A 19-year old Albanian man and a 21-year-old resident of Rhodes will appear before the island’s public prosecutor on Tuesday, accused of the murder of a 21-year old woman who was an undergraduate at the University of the Aegean on Rhodes. The [...]

Council of State approves increase of electoral districts

The Council of State gave the green light for electoral districts to be increased to 59 from the current 56, it was announced on Tuesday. The increase will occur through splitting one district in Attica prefecture into three and adding another [...]

Road traffic deaths plunge in Greece during the economic crisis

The number of road traffic deaths in Greece has plummeted during the years of the economic crisis, according to figures presented on Tuesday at the Institute of Public Health of the American College of Athens (IPHACA). The number of road casualties [...]

Greek navy warships open for visitors at Piraeus port for celebration of St. Nicholas

The frigate “Aegeon”, the missile boat “Ritsos” and the submarine “Oceanos” of the Hellenic Navy will dock at Piraeus port (dock 11 and 12 at OLP’s exhibition centre) and will be open to the public from [...]

Prosecutor and magistrate disagree on detention orders for gold smuggling suspects

The case of the eight people remanded in custody on charges of gold smuggling took yet another turn on Tuesday afternoon, after the Prosecutor’s Office disagreed with the corrruption Magistrate’s decision announced earlier in the [...]

A revolutionary therapy reduces need for blood transfusions to patients with thalassemia

A new drug can significantly reduce, even at half, the need for blood transfusions to patients with thalassemia. In seven out of 10 patients, the revolutionary therapy reduced the number of blood units needed over three months by at least 33 [...]