Power cut in Athens district of Pagrati due to central power line failure

There was a power cut in the Athens district of Pagrati on Sunday evening due to the failure of the central medium voltage power line supplying the area, the power grid operator announced. According to Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network [...]

Market test for PPC lignite fired plants completed, environment ministry reports

The market test for the sale of the Public Power Corporation’s (PPC) lignite fired power plants has been completed “with absolute success,” the environment and energy ministry announced on Sunday. Fifteen investors expressed [...]

Listed building housing Libertatia occupation torched during Thessaloniki rally

A historic listed building in the centre of Thessaloniki, which in recent years had housed the “Libertatia” occupation, was torched and utterly destroyed by unidentified individuals during the FYROM name issue protest rally on Sunday [...]

Multiple arrests made after killing of 28-year-old Pakistani man in Skala, Lakonia

Police on Sunday said that five Pakistani nationals aged between 24 and 39 years old have been arrested and charged with the murder of a 28-year-old Pakistani man, who was killed in a fight the previous day. A further eight Pakistanis aged 18 [...]

Attack on coach carrying protestors to name dispute rally in Thessaloniki

A coach carrying participants to a protest rally taking place in Thessaloniki over the FYROM name issue was attacked in central Athens early on Sunday morning. As the coach swung into Panepistimiou Street, unidentified assailants appeared on [...]

Coast guard intercepts illegal transfer of migrants and refugees to Italy

Igoumenitsa Coast Guard intercepted the illegal transfer of 70 Iraqis from the coastal town of Parga (northwestern Greece) to Italy. Six Ukrainian and Iraqi nationals were arrested alleged to be involved in the migrants and refugees trafficking. Coast [...]

Greek parliament to fund museum space on murdered Greek Jews inside Auschwitz

The Greek parliament will fund the creation of a museum space inside the Auschwitz concentration camp for the Greek Jews who perished there, its President Nikos Voutsis announced on Thursday, speaking at a book presentation at the Thessaloniki [...]

Groundwork prior to reconstruction of Stoa of Philip V on Delos island completed

All the preparatory work before reconstruction begins on a major ancient public building on the island of Delos has been completed, the ministry of Culture announced on Thursday. The reconstruction of the marble Stoa of Philip V is being funded [...]

Valuable Russian paintings confiscated and woman arrested in Halandri

Three paintings by the late Russian artist Anatoly Zverev, a founder and major representative of Russian Expressionism, were confiscated during a police raid following the arrest of a 65-year-old woman in Halandri on Tuesday. According to a [...]

Unsealing of bids in TV broadcasting licence tender completed, NCRTV announces

The first stage in a tender process for the issue of nationwide general content television broadcasting licences was completed on Thursday, with the unsealing of the bids submitted by the last two applicants, ETV and Tileoptiki Elliniki. The [...]