Loss of blue flags a blow to Zakynthos

The loss of 18 blue flags from the beaches of Zakynthos is a significant blow to tourism on the island, during a year where tourists’ arrivals are up. According to sources, Zakynthos lost a large number of Blue Flags as reviewers spotted a [...]

Coast Guard locates a body off Kokkino Limanaki

The Coast Guard located on Monday a body in the sea area off Kokkino Limanaki, where last week’s deadly fires took place. The body, mostly likely a male, was taken to the port of Rafina, according to Coast Guard officials.

Dead body of actress Chrysa Spilioti identified among victims of east Attica fire

The body of popular Greek actress Chrysa Spilioti has been positively identified among the dead bodies recovered from the deadly fire in Mati, eastern Attica. Her remains were identified on Sunday, confirming that Spilioti had died with her [...]

Passenger catamaras ‘Flying Cat 4’ collides with pier; no injuries

The passenger catamaran “Flying Cat 4” managed to dock in the port of Rafina without assistance after colliding with a pier earlier on Monday, possibly due to a damaged helm. None of the 215 passengers on board were injured. The [...]

Water supplied to Rafina-Pikermi and Nea Makri-Marathona ‘excellent’ says EYDAP

“The quality of the water supplied by EYDAP to the Rafina-Pikermi municipal network and the Nea Makri-Marathona municipal network fully meets the relevant legal standards for the quality of water for human consumption,” the Athens [...]

Twenty-five still missing after deadly eastern Attica fire, says fire brigade

There are 25 people officially reported as missing by their families after the deadly fire that swept through eastern Attica and the seaside town of Mati, the fire brigade announced on Sunday. It said the number was reached after cross-checking [...]

In 30 years, all east Attica residents will face at least one extreme event, scientist warns

Greece is not the only country unable to deal with extreme weather events and the image of Greece as a disorganised country where an extreme phenomenon will inevitably lead to massive damage and deaths is unfair, Thessaly TEI Deputy Rector Professor [...]

More rain and storms forecast in Greece on Monday

More wet weather is forecast in Greece on Monday, with clouds, rain and storms expected in most parts of the country, especially in the afternoon and on the mainland. Winds will blow from mainly northerly directions, between 3-6 Beaufort. Temperatures [...]

Fire brigade receives 300 calls for help after downpour in Attica

More than 300 calls for assistance have been made to the fire brigade following a sudden and heavy storm that broke out over Attica on Sunday afternoon, flooding homes and businesses, sources at the fire brigade told the Athens-Macedonian News [...]

Ten burn victims from eastern Attica fires still in ICUs; 43 remain in hospital

Ten burn victims from the deadly fire in Mati, eastern Attica are still in serious condition and continuing to remain in hospital ICUs, the health ministry announced on Sunday. A total of 43 adults remain in hospital following the fire, while [...]