Showers and storms forecast on Monday, winds up to 6 Beaufort

More wet weather is forecast throughout Greece on Monday, with showers and local storms and northerly winds up to 6 Beaufort. Temperatures will range from 14C to 28C in northern parts of the country, 15C to 28C in the west and Ionian islands [...]

Police investigating incident targeting two men at Thessaloniki Pride

Thessaloniki police have launched an investigation into an incident where two men were pushed into the sea along the waterfront, at the start of the 7th Thessaloniki Pride Parade in the city. A 36-year-old Italian national and a 45-year-old [...]

Car drives through gateway barrier at Dekelia military air base; driver arrested

A private car broke through the barrier at the gate of the Hellenic Air Force 123rd Technical Training Group at Dekelia Air Base in Tatoi, entering the military base before the vehicle was immobilised by guards. Police were alerted and the driver [...]

Police catch suspect that escaped detention in Argyroupoli

Police caught early on Saturday one of the three Albanian men accused of theft that had escaped from a police station in Argyroupoli earlier this week. The man, aged 24, was found by police seeking refuge at a home in Agia Marina. He tried to [...]

Kouroumblis appeals to Frontex for ‘fair treatment’

An appeal to the European border agency FRONTEX for “fair treatment” of Greece – with greater funding for the support of Greek coast guard vessels used to tackle migration in the Aegean and greater participation of Greeks in [...]

Acropolis Museum celebrates ninth ‘birthday’

The Acropolis Museum has received more than 1.66 million visitors over the past year, with a sharp rise in the number of foreigners visiting its collections, the museum’s curator Prof. Dimitris Pandermalis said in statements on Wednesday, [...]

Policing to increase in Exarchia, says Toskas

Policing of the central Athens area of Exarchia will pick up after the completion of work in western Attica, said Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas on Wednesday. “There have been large steps made in changing the mentality of the [...]

Police arrest two men in Crete for church theft

Police have arrested two men in Crete in connection to 36 counts of theft from churches on the island. The two men, aged 33 and 36, were caught trying to break into a church in Lasithi, eastern Crete, on Wednesday. They are accused of having [...]

Police arrest two alleged leaders of drug ring

Two locals alleged to be among the leaders of a drug-dealing ring were arrested early Wednesday in the area of Malgara, Thessaloniki. The suspects, a 42-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman were driving a vehicle on the Thessaloniki-Athens motorway [...]

Saronikos coastline beaches certifiably clean, samples show

The beaches of the Saronikos municipality SE of Athens are clear of petroleum residues, according to an announcement issued by the National Council of Accreditation “Analytika Ergastiria Athinon” on Wednesday. In an announcement, [...]