Road traffic deaths plunge in Greece during the economic crisis

The number of road traffic deaths in Greece has plummeted during the years of the economic crisis, according to figures presented on Tuesday at the Institute of Public Health of the American College of Athens (IPHACA). The number of road casualties [...]

Greek navy warships open for visitors at Piraeus port for celebration of St. Nicholas

The frigate “Aegeon”, the missile boat “Ritsos” and the submarine “Oceanos” of the Hellenic Navy will dock at Piraeus port (dock 11 and 12 at OLP’s exhibition centre) and will be open to the public from [...]

Prosecutor and magistrate disagree on detention orders for gold smuggling suspects

The case of the eight people remanded in custody on charges of gold smuggling took yet another turn on Tuesday afternoon, after the Prosecutor’s Office disagreed with the corrruption Magistrate’s decision announced earlier in the [...]

A revolutionary therapy reduces need for blood transfusions to patients with thalassemia

A new drug can significantly reduce, even at half, the need for blood transfusions to patients with thalassemia. In seven out of 10 patients, the revolutionary therapy reduced the number of blood units needed over three months by at least 33 [...]

Drug dealing ring dismantled in Athens

Attica police narcotics squad arrested three foreign nationals in the Athens district of Aghios Panteleimonas, all members of a drug dealing ring. A raid to the suspects’ residents revealed among others 2,550 grams of heroin, 510 grams [...]

Crete has a total of 32,535 non-EU foreign residents, agency says

The foreign residents of Crete who come from countries outside the EU total 32,535, the regional directorate of foreigners and migration said on Friday. Of these, 12,418 (or 38% of the total) live in Iraklio, the island’s main city; 9,652 [...]

Fourteen Greek scientists listed in Highly Cited Researchers list

Fourteen Greek academics working at seven Greek Universities are included in the list of scientists whose work has the most influence globally, based on its appeal in the last 11 years. The “Highly Cited Researchers” list is drawn [...]

KEELPNO: First influenza death this winter reported in Greece

Greece has seen the first death from the influenza type A virus this winter, the Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) announced on Friday. The 49-year-old patient that died belonged to a vulnerable group and had not been [...]

Sixty-three charged with gold smuggling to start testifying to examining magistrate

The 63 people arrested on charges of illegally smuggling gold out of the country will start to present their testimony to the examining magistrate handling the case on Friday. The process is expected to continue right through to Sunday, with [...]

Court acquits all 21 accused of arson attack against Hellas Gold construction site

A felonies appeals court has acquitted 21 residents of Chalkidiki accused of an arson attack at the Hellas Gold construction site in Skouries in February 2013. Following a long hearing, the court unanimously acquitted the defendants of all charges [...]