Acropolis Museum celebrates 10th birthday with inauguration of walk-through excavation

The Acropolis Museum will celebrate its 10th anniversary with several events including a photography show, a lecture on ancient colours, a concert by Stavros Xarchakos and the opening of a walk-through excavation of an ancient Athenian neighbourhood. A [...]

27 European Academies: Climate change is a serious threat to human health

Global warming due to climate change already has a serious impact on people’s health and the situation will worsen in the future, according to a new report from 27 national academies in Europe, including the Academy of Athens. Heatwaves [...]

Greece elected new president of the World Tourism Organization’s Commission for Europe

Greece was unanimously elected to preside on the World Tourism Organization’s (WTO) Commission for Europe (CEU) for 2019 to 2021, following a vote at the organization’s 64th CEU Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia, was announced on Monday [...]

Nov. 17 terrorist Koufodinas out of Volos hospital – Returns to jail

Convicted November 17 terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas was discharged on Monday from the Volos hospital, where he was transferred following a hunger strike to protest the rejection of another furlough from jail. Koufodinas was serving his sentence [...]

Greek Jewish Communities congratulate country’s first Jewish mayor, Moses Elisaf

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece on Monday congratulated Moses Elisaf for his election as a mayor of the city of Ioannina in northwestern Greece. “For the Greek Jewry,” the board’s announcement said, “the [...]

Traffic restrictions at sections of Syngrou and Messoghion Avenues

A series of traffic restrictions due to roadworks are in effect on Syngrou Avenue until June 17, and at Mesogeion Avenue until June 10. More specifically, at Syngrou Avenue, traffic is not allowed on the two lanes heading to the city center, [...]

Exploring the hidden depths of Corfu: the secrets of the island’s caves unlocked

A journey down into the underground depths of Corfu that lasted 15 days and explored 25 caves was completed a few days ago by Dutch speleologist Rene van Vliet and a team of both local and notable European speleologists and spelunkers. “Corfu [...]

Roughly one third of Greek municipalities elect mayor in first round

In roughly one third of municipalities in Greece, 107 in total, the mayor has been elected in the first round of the local government elections. In most cases where the vote ended in the first round, the winning candidates were mayors running [...]

Man accused of affair with teen who took own life remanded in custody

A 43-year-old man that allegedly had an affair with a 14-year-old girl, who later committed suicide, was on Monday remanded in custody. The girl killed herself by falling in front of a train at Moschato station last Thursday, after her parents [...]

A total of 69 migrants and refugees rescued on Monday

The Greek coast guard found and rescued 69 migrants and refugees in two separate incidents on Monday. Specifically, a patrol vessel located a dinghy with 37 foreign nationals on board in the sea region Aghia Paraskevi, Alexandroupolis early [...]