Coca Cola HBC expands in new products, markets

“Greece has huge potential. No more misery. We can do a lot as long as we believe it and there are companies offering jobs to young people.” That was the message sent by Yiannis Papachristou, managing director of Coca Cola HBC, presenting the company’s new strategy on Thursday night.

“Coca Cola HBC is an historical company, a symbol for Greece. The link with the future is innovation. Only innovation produces added value and added value means jobs for young people to stay in the country,” he noted.

Papachristou added that Coca Cola HBC is the largest bottler and distributor of non-alcoholic drinks in Greece and one of the top 10 private companies in the country, representing 0.5 pct of the country’s GDP. It belongs to a large Greek multinational giant with established activities in 28 countries, it has 36,000 workers and 600 million consumers.

He stressed that the three axes of action in Greece are: investments, production and jobs.

Coca Cola’s new global strategy emphasises on the development of new products to offer more choices to consumers of all ages.

Coca Cola HBC is operating its new mega-plant in Schimatari, exporting to 11 countries. The company also has production units in Aigio and Crete (both water bottlers). It also owns the Tsakiris factory in Atalanti. Coca Cola HBC offers more than 4,000 products and 500 brands globally, while in Greece it offers 35 products from eight brands.