EasyJet to use Athens and Kavala airports for Thessaloniki flights until Dec. 21

EasyJet will temporarily switch to using the airports of Athens and Kavala for its flights to and from Thessaloniki, at least until December 21, Matteo Taddei, the airline’s public relations officer, told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) on Friday.

Taddei said EasyJet reached this decision because the temporary take-off/landing runway in the Thessaloniki airport, after the closure of the airport’s main runway, failed to meet its standards. It also noted that the company had not been informed about the decision to close the main runway for maintenance in good time.

EasyJet, along with other airline companies, faces problems with their flight schedules after Thessaloniki airport temporarily closed down its main runway, offering airlines a temporary runway instead.

“Airlines did not get timely information over the closure of the runway and the risks related with the proposed temporary operation are not acceptable to the company,” EasyJet said in an announcement, adding: “For this reason we decided to move our flights to other airports”.

EasyJet flights to Thessaloniki will go through Athens airport until December 6, offering transportation to passengers from Thessaloniki to Athens. From December 7 and until December 21, EasyJet will use the Kavala airport, offering passengers transportation from Thessaloniki to Kavala.

The airline said it was doing everything possible to reduce the inconvenience for its passengers, offering refreshments at the airport and hotel stays and meals where necessary. “EasyJet will continue monitoring the situation, offering regular updates to its customers travelling from Thessaloniki.

“Safety and the good condition of passengers and crew are a priority. We would like to thank our customers for their patience and to apologise for any inconvience,” the airline said.