Parliament President Voutsis meets Cuban FM Bruno Rodriguez Parilla

“We honour the struggles of our people, the solidarity and the international support that brought the fall of the junta,” Parliament President Nikos Voutsis on Friday said on the occasion of the 50 years since the coup d’état.

Voutsis was meeting with the Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Eduardo Rodriguez Parilla.

“We are happy to welcome the Foreign Minister of Cuba for the first time in the Greek Parliament. It is a significant day because it marks 50 years since the sad anniversary of the imposition of the seven-year dictatorship in 1967 on our country and that is why we honor the struggles of our people,” he said.

“We have a long-term friendship and solidarity relations and we believe that in the current phase that the international relations are on a transitory phase, the peace, friendship, and solidarity are principles on the basis of which our people must proceed in the international scene,” he stressed and added: “The scope of cooperation between the two countries is wide.”

On his part, the Cuban Foreign Minister said that he was honoured to attend the Hellenic Parliament. “I am at the Parliament of a particularly friendly country, we have close ties and I believe we can live in this friendly environment in peace.”