Society of Organ Transplantation: Number of organ donors dwindles in 2018

The number of people donating organs for transplants has fallen so far in Greece this year, said Ioanis Fouzas, President of the Hellenic Society of Organ Transplantation (EOM), on Tuesday.

Speaking to journalists after a meeting held by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki’s Faculty of Health, Fouzas described the drop as being significant, adding that low staff levels are creating problems for EOM.

“Last year we had a fleeting rise of 6.4 donors per one million people and now we have fallen to three donors, or lower,” he said.

“There is no serious government organisation on this issue of donating organs. All governments on this issue dragged their feet. From 1999, when EOM was set up or in 2001 with EOM’s presidential decree, there was no government that really staffed it,” said Fouzas.