German volunteer aid worker critically injured in attack on Lesvos island

A 60-year old German female aid worker was hospitalized in critical condition on Sunday after being attacked by an unknown assailant on the island of Lesvos, it was reported on Monday. The woman is an independent volunteer worker at the island’s [...]

Twelve arrested for skirmishes with police in Kallithea on Monday morning

Twelve individuals, including four minors, were arrested on Monday for participating in clashes with police in Kallithea on Monday morning, when police barred the way of far right groups and stopped them reaching a rally in Kyprou Square. According [...]

Two bodies located in eastern Lesvos

The body of a 9-year old girl was located in the area of Tsonia, in eastern Lesvos, on Sunday. The girl was missing since February 13 when the vessel with refugees she was on board capsized. Another body was located in the same area some hours [...]

And of an era for the traditional mailbox of ELTA

Replacing the traditional mailbox with an electronic inbox, the electronic payment of all bills and the digital availability of documents are all new services included in Hellenic Post’s future plans to digitally transform its product [...]

No sign police brutality was involved in Nigerian’s death at police station

The investigation into the death of a Nigerian man at Omonia police station on February 8 has so far found no evidence that police brutality was in any way involved, the Attica General Police Directorate said in an announcement on Saturday. Responding [...]

Gale-force winds and freezing cold as weather system ‘Chioni’ settles over Greece

Temperatures plunged, falling below zero in many parts of the country, and sea transport was disrupted as the weather system “Chioni” arrived in Greece, bringing gale-force northerly winds reaching up to 9-10 Beaufort. . According [...]

Saharan dust with intense rainfall to hit Greece on Tuesday and Wednesday

A low-pressure system with strong winds forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday will bring large quantities of Saharan dust to Greece, turning rain muddy, the Athens National Observatory’s meteorological service said on Monday. The central, [...]

Greece is the Parthenon Marbles ‘birthplace’ and the Acropolis Museum ‘their natural place’, Culture Minister says

Greece’s Culture and Sports Minister Myrsini Zorba stressed that Parthenon Marbles were ‘born’ in Greece and their “natural place” was in the Acropolis Museum in Athens, in a statement issued in response to an interview [...]

Ten arrested and 133 detained during new protests in Athens

Ten people were arrested and 133 were detained by police for incidents taking place before, during and after the rallies in Syntagma Square and outside parliament. According to police, those arrested are members of the far right and will be [...]

Injuries reported during tension in front of Greek parliament

At least five police officers and some citizens were injured during incidents in front of the Greek parliament during a rally against Prespes Agreement that is held on Sunday in Athens. According to police sources, earlier a group of hooded-individuals [...]