Confirmed dead in refugee-migrant boat sinking rise to 16, authorities report

The death toll from the sinking of a wooden boat carrying refugees and migrants in the Aegean has risen to 16, among them six children and a baby, Greek authorities announced on Saturday. Despite an ongoing search and rescue operation, authorities [...]

The remains of 108 fallen WWII Greek soldiers recovered so far in Albania

The remains of 108 Greek soldiers killed during a WWII advance of Greek forces in Albania, as Greece repelled an attempted invasion by Italian forces in 1940-41, have so far been unearthed during an ongoing search at Dragot (Tepeleni) in Albania, [...]

World Consumer Day celebrated on March 15

“The consumer is not only a holder of rights, or a person in need of protection. He is above all an active citizen who demands his rights and acts with social conscience,” Secretary General of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Dimitris [...]

Prison can’t diminish the dignity of our boys, parents of Greek soldiers held in Turkey tell ANA

“What matters is the immediate return of our children, who have been imprisoned for 12 days now. They know that they have done nothing wrong and that’s why they are not worried, because they believe in justice and cannot be punished [...]

PAOK vs AEK Athens match suspended mid-play after owner Savvidis storms onto pitch

The football match between PAOK Thessaloniki and AEK Athens in Toumba on Sunday night was suspended mid-play without a result after a disputed goal at the 90th minute caused PAOK owner Ivan Savvidis to storm onto the pitch surrounded by body [...]

Prosecutor charges 11 arrested during operation to dismantle ‘C18’

The 11 suspects arrested during police operations to dismantle the extreme-right militant group ‘C18’ were led before a public prosecutor on Wednesday, who pressed criminal and other charges against them for a series of offences, [...]

Five suspected far-right group members charged with six felonies

Authorities charged five members of a far-right group on Tuesday with participation in a criminal organization, possession of explosives, explosions, arsonist attacks, aggravated damages and violation of laws on possession of weapons, following [...]

Counter-terrorism squad on trail of alleged far-right criminal group, detains six

Greece’s counter-terrorism squad on Tuesday announced that its investigations have led to the discovery of a criminal organisation allegedly linked to the extreme right that may be involved in explosions, raids and arsonist attacks. It [...]

Police force of 200 officers will be deployed to patrol centre of Athens, Toskas says

A force of 200 police officers will be deployed to patrol the centre of Athens and intervene where needed to avoid incidents, Alternate Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas said on Friday in an interview with private ANT1 TV. Commenting [...]

Alexander the Great statue taken down in Skopje airport

A statue of Alexander the Great on his horse Bucephalus was taken down late on Wednesday in Skopje airport. The removal of the statue comes after the government of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) decided to rename its main [...]