10.1% of Greek businesses do not use computers

According to a survey conducted by the Greeks statistics authority ELSTAT, about 10.1% of Greek businesses do not use computers and have no access to the Internet.

The survey shows that 20,756 of the 23,098 businesses interviewed, namely 89.86%, used computers. Of those 20,756 businesses that use a computer, 20,578 had Internet access (89.09%), while 14,287 (61.85%) had a personal website.

Of the 20,578 businesses with Internet access, a total of 20,022 used DSL or other type of fixed broadband connection to the Internet (e.g. ADSL, SDSL, VDSL, fiber optics technology -FTTH, cable technology, WiFi, etc).

The businesses surveyed employed a total of 872,098 persons, of whom only 393,893 (45.17%) made use of a computer at work, while 323,864 (37/.14%) had Internet access.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that the 23,098 participating businesses had a total turnover of 219.83 million euros, with 2,132 (9.23%) of them receiving orders via their website. The total turnover from internet orders amounted to 3.5 million euros, namely 1.59% of the overall turnover.