Ankara has decided to establish a UAV air base at occupied Cyprus

Ankara has decided to establish an air base in the Occupied Territories for its UAVs and UCAVs.

By decision of the occupation regime cabinet, the former Gecitkale military airport will be re-activated and within 48 hours unmanned Turkish aircrafts will begin landing there. Prior to that, the Turkish AirForce had filed a request, which was satisfied within 24 hours!

The Turkish daily Hurriyet says Ankara’s goal is to more effectively monitor the eastern Mediterranean and keep track of developments in the region.

Turkey’s UAV and UCAV accompany Turkey’s drilling rigs and research vessels in the region.

At the same time, it is reported that UCAV will also be sent to Cyprus.

The prime minister of the pseudo-state Ersin Tatar said that “until now, in order to monitor the region, unmanned aircrafts were taking off from Dalaman Airport in Turkey, but now this will not be the case and no time will be wasted. No one should overlook our rights. The area is under our complete control”.

Source: ibna