10th regional conference on Peloponnese productive reconstruction

The 10th regional conference on the productive reconstruction of the Peloponnese begins at 10:30 on Monday, in Tripoli, and will be completed on Tuesday, at 19:30, with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ speech.

The purpose of the conference, organised by the Peloponnese Region and the Ministry of Economy and Development, is the in-depth exploration of production capacities in order to set qualitative and quantitative targets for the development perspective of the Peloponnese as part of a coherent regional productive reconstruction project.

Through the consultations that will take place during the proceedings of the conference, a roadmap of actions will be drafted based on the priorities of the “National Development Strategy 2021” and the initiatives and actions already developed or planned by the Peloponnese Region, marking the transition from the crisis to the era of fair growth.