11 investment plans, worth 1.1 bln euros, submitted to Enterprise Greece

The Greek Economy ministry and the European Investment Bank (EIB) are in advanced talks to expand cooperation in funding investment plans and planning new development interventions and tools, Economy Alternate Minister Alexis Charitsis said on Thursday.

Addressing a seminar organized by the ministry and EIB in Athens, Charitsis said talks are focusing on the energy sector – the main priority in development planning for the Greek government.

“We steadily attract significant private investments. A total of 11 investments worth 1.1 billion euros – submitted to Enterprise Greece – are in advanced stages so far, a sign that the climate is changing and confidence in the Greek economy’s prospects are restored,” Charitsis said.

He underlined that the Economy ministry was also giving a priority to actions to deal with a disinvestment trend by offering fundamental liquidity in the economy and stressed that the EIB has been a valuable support in this effort.