Greece, UAE sign four memoranda during strategic cooperation forum

Greece and the United Arab Emirates signed four memoranda of understanding (MoU) during the 2nd Greece-UAE Broader Strategic Cooperation Forum.

The forum and agreements follow up on a visit to Abu Dhabi by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for the first forum, in February 2020.

The four MoUs, and a Joint Action Program (JAP) were signed by ministers of the two countries in the following sectors:

– Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and innovation (promoting joint projects and encouraging private-public partnerships)

– International Developmental Collaboration (joint actions on humanitarian and developmental cooperation for developing countries)

– Cultural and Creative Industries (for technical know-how and good practices exchanges)

– Digital Governance (to promote bilateral dialogue on digitized public services, AI, ‘smart’ services and digital policy planning/government accelerators)

– Tourism for 2020-2022 (technical know-how exchanges on tourism marketing and promoting, niche tourism development, and the promotion of tourism investments).

The forum was organized online by the General Secretariat for Extroversion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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