1165 new covid cases, another 39 deaths, intubations rise

Greece’s health authorities announced on Monday evening, 1165 new coronavirus cases detected after thousands fewer PCR and Rapid tests due to Sunday. Another 39 people died in last 24 hours. The number of Covid-19 patients in intubation has further increased to 477.

Death toll has reached 6,797. Total confirmed infections since the begin of the pandemic a year ago: 206,285.

At the Live Briefing on Monday, Greece’s health authorities said that the AstraZeneca vaccine will be administered also to those over 65 years old.

Daily Cases

Deaths pink – Intubations blue

Covid-19 Hospitalizations:

Admissions red – Discharges green


No vaccinations on Sundays.

Total: 1,120,000 by March 8 – Of them 373,000 have received both doses.

Data on vaccinations in several regions here in vaccinationtracker.

Official data March 8

According to the official bulletin on Monday, based on the confirmed cases on the last 7 days, 64 are related to travel abroad and 2887 are related to already known cases.

The released data do not allow any more the clues about the rate of infections without known source of contamination.

51.8% of the infected are men.

The number of intubated patients in ICUs stands at 477 from 466 a day earlier. Their average age is 68, among them 67.1% are men. 84.5% have underlying health problems and/or are aged over 70.

New admission of Covid-19 patients to hospitals are 337 (daily change -21.45%). Average number of admission in 7 days: 367.

Average age of infected is 44 ( age range 0.2-105).

1416 people have been discharged from ICUs since the start of the pandemic in Greece.

Another 39 deaths in the last 24 hours increased death toll to 6,797. The average age of the deceased was 79 (age range 16-103). and 95.7% had underlying health problem and/or was over 70 years old.

Rolling weekly average cases at 2014 from 1673 last week.

PRC Tests in last 24 hours: 12,030 (Positivity 9.68%)

Rapid tests last 24 hours: 6,995

Positivity PCR+Rapid tests: 6.12% !

Rt: 0.98 ( 0.95 previous week)

Half an hour after EODY published the new Rt, head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias said at the live briefing that Rt was 1.14

Daily growth at +0.6%

Geographical distribution March 8

Of the 1165 new coronavirus cases, 4 were detected at the country’s entry points.

4 of the new cases were detected at entry points, and another 3 travelers were already in the country.