12,999 refugees relocated to other EU member states in 2016

12,999 refugees were relocated to EU countries in 2016, mostly to France, however the offering position from EU member states is very low and a huge delay is recorded in the acceptance of requests, according to Asylum Service date issued on Wednesday.

The total number of relocation positions for those refugees that have sought asylum in Greece was 12,999 in 2016 with France offering 3,200 positions followed by Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal.

The average time between the candidate’s request for relocation in the Asylum Service and its sending to another member state is 49 days. The Asylum Service had 24,233 candidates for relocation on February 1 but the member states had offered only 15,164 positions.

523 unaccompanied minors had been recorded from the start of the relocation programme until January 20. 350 of them have been already accepted with Finland receiving 119 of them.