12th Horeca 2017 opens its doors on February 10

The 12th Horeca 2017 will open its doors from February 10 to February 13 at the Metropolitan expo with the participation of 550 exhibitors.

The exhibition’s enduring goal is to provide hoteliers and foodservice professionals with modern and effective solutions, tailored to the needs and budget of each individual establishment or hospitality unit.

Through the upgrading of the organizational infrastructure, the enrichment of special events and the enhancement of all thematic sectors, HORECA 2017 is expected to break all previous attendance records and to be the commercial and social event of the year for the hospitality and foodservice industry.

More than 60,000 personalized barcode invitations have been sent to entrepreneurs from across the country. In a recent survey, a 96 pct of the exhibitors said they were totaly satisfied with their participation in the exhibition while a 89 pct said that it significantly helped them in meeting their commercial targets.