Corporate Social Responsibility conference organized by American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce

Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility and developing more fundamental practices so that CSR becomes significant value and growth tool for enterprises, citizens and the country in general, was the agenda of a 14th annual Corporate Social Responsibility conference held in Athens.

The conference was organized by American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce with the support of the Greek Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Hellas) at the Benaki Museum.

Simos Anastasopoulos, president of the Chamber, in his inaugurate speech said: “survival was a detrimental factor for reaching decisions and growth was a challenge for the public and private sectors. The idea of CSR was considered a luxury in its early stages, but today can offer a way out from the crisis contributing to a different aiming in sustainable growth of enterprises”. He added that CRS created new business opportunities through innovation, implementing cyclical economy as growth force and the benefits resulting by the participation of workers and consumers.

Anastasopoulos said the country needs a change in perceptions on the principles of sustainable growth at the top of business elite.

Alexandra Palli, secretary of the board of CRS Hellas, in her address, underlined the need for a strategy to reposition CSR in the country.

Aris Vrettos, Programme Director, University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), in his addres said it was imperative to change direction and to harmonise business practices with sustainable growth because of rapidly adverse changes happening around the planet.