15 migrants hospitalized after violent fighting at Moria hotspot on Lesvos

Fifteen migrants were hospitalized and two arrested following a fight between groups of different nationalities at the Moria hotspot on the island of Lesvos which was broken up by police before dawn on Wednesday with the use of flashbangs and tear gas.

During the fight, the fires that broke out in garbage containers and refuse heaps scattered throughout the facilities destroyed the support walls and other structural parts that are necessary for the placement of new temporary housing units that will replace tents for the winter, facility authorities said.

The altercation began late on Tuesday night between groups of Arab migrants on one side and Iraqi and Afghan migrants on the other over the use of restrooms and baths in the overcrowded hotspot.

Police sources said that contributing to the tension in the camp is the adulterated alcohol provided by locals and resold at Moria by migrants.