Over 200,000 tax returns were filed on the last day of the deadline.

A record number of online tax returns were submitted yesterday on the Ministry of Finance’s platform Taxisnet on the afternoon of the deadline for filing annual E1 tax returns. The deadline was extended to midnight July 14 from June 30 due to the fact that there was a lag in submissions.

A last-minute surge in people trying to lodge their returns caused temporary problems before well over 200,000 returns were submitted.

Taxpayers who didn’t meet the deadline will be called to pay a 100-euro fine. Those on the salary and pension index will also have to pay an extra 2,100 euros in taxes as the law states that those who don’t meet the deadline are deprived of the right to lodge receipts for tax reductions worth 2,100 euros.

A shock is in store for people who are self-employed with additional taxes worth 3.5 billion euros for 2.45 million taxpayers who received debit slips that require them to pay an average of 1,433 euros in taxes.