2019-2020 measures to be voted by May 19, says parliament president Voutsis

The 2019-2020 measures included in the second review of the Greek programme are expected to be voted in the Greek parliament by May 19 under urgent procedures, stated parliament president Nikos Voutsis on Wednesday.

Voutsis, who is visiting Brussels for the inauguration of the exhibition on migration “Roads of Survival” in the European Parliament said that a draft law on the measures will be tabled in parliament until 12 or 13 May.

The parliament president underlined the importance of voting the measures because the international discussion on the Greek debt is underway so that s comprehensive agreement on Greece is reached at the
Eurogroup meeting on May 22.

Referring to the exhibition, Voutsis noted that the refugee crisis is a wound for Europe because a decision that would be fully implemented by all the countries and everyone to assume its share of responbility has been not reached yet.

During his visit Voutsis met with the president of the Progressive Alliance of the Democrats and Socialists Gianni Pittella, the co-chair of the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance Ska Keller, the president of the Confederal Group of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left Gabriele Zimmer and Greek eurodeputies.