2,350 asylum applications by unaccompanied minors submitted in Greece in 2016

About 63,000 asylum applications by unaccompanied minors were registered in the European Union in 2016, of which 2,350 (or 4 pct) were submitted in Greece, Eurostat said on Thursday.

The vast majority of those minors who applied were boys (89 pct) aged 16-17 (68 pct). Twenty-one percent of the minors were aged 14-15 and 10 pct were below 14 years of age. In terms of nationalities, 38 pct are Afghanis and 19 pct are Syrians.

Most of the applications were recorded in Germany (57 pct), Italy (10 pct), Austria (6 pct), United Kingdom (5 pct), Greece and Bulgaria (5 pct) and Sweden (3 pct).

Of the 2,350 minors who submitted asylum applications to Greece, 32 pct are from Syria, 27 pct from Pakistan and 18 pct from Afghanistan.