2nd Athens Businesswomen Forum addresses female entrepreneurship

Female entrepreneurship is an important factor of social change, said Attica Regional Director Rena Dourou and Konstantinos Michalos, President of Union of Hellenic Chambers and President of Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, speaking on Tuesday at the 2nd Business Forum: Women Who Innnovate. The Forum was organized by the Attica Region and the Athens Chamber of Commerce and honorary awards will be given to women who have excelled in innovative ventures in the fields of business or scientific research.

Konstantinos Michalos said that the organizers’ aim is to convey a message of empowerment to all women willing to test their knowledge and talent in the field of innovative entrepreneurship, and to call on the state to design educational and training programs to support women start a new innnovative business.

Rena Dourou said that it is a strategic choice of her administration the past four years to invest in skill-building for women and help them take initiatives as entrepreneurs.