3.98 million taxpayers in Greece declared an income under 5,000 euros in 2015

The General Secretariat of Public Revenue published its data regarding taxes and found that about 3% of tax-payers who declare an income above 30,000 euros pay 42% of the income tax.

Specifically, the government figures indicate that there are 267,480 taxpayers with an income above 30,000 euros.

The government wants to raise the taxes of these 267,480, in order to avoid raising the taxes of more vulnerable social groups.

Furthermore, the figures show that 1,176,043 taxpayers did not pay any taxes, 1,304,634 taxpayers declared an income of up to 1,000 euros and about 3.98 million taxpayers (nearly 50%) declared an income under 5,000 euros.

These figures illustrate the major impact on the financial crisis on Greek households, as well as the extent of tax evasion.

In total, for 2015, the country’s 8,516,953 taxpayers declared total incomes worth 73.93 billion euros, which includes 32.079 billion euros from wages and 24.648 billion euros from pensions. The declared income of the self employed amounted to 4.824 billion euros, farmers 1.344 billion euros and seamen 769.5 million euros.