Third 1-day conference of PETAK on “Safe Work in Elevators”

The Panhellenic Association of Elevator and Escalator Technology (PETAK) organizes its third one-day conference on “Safe Work in Elevators”, in Athens, on 14 September 2017.

Safety in elevators constitutes a matter of key importance and shall have the highest priority among all parties involved, from the manufacturer of an elevator to the end user.

This one-day conference aims at providing information on safe work practices in elevators, both when installing them and when maintaining them. Furthermore, new standards (ΕΝ 81.20 & 81.50) will be presented that provide increased protection to workers and users. Finally, the one-day conference will focus on existing elevators, the applicable legislation and the incorporation of the new standards into Greek law.

Executives from companies of the sector operating in Greece, both Greek-owned and multinationals, counsels and experts are expected to attend this conference, while among the speakers are experts and top executives of businesses of the sector.