40 pct of workers don’t get paid for overtime work, survey shows

Α 40 percent of workers, working overtime, is not paid for their extra working hours, while a 73 pct of workers demand to be paid for their overtime work instead of taking leave or day off, a survey by GSEE -the largest trade union umbrella- said on Thursday.

The survey showed that a 52 pct of workers said they worked more than normal working hours on a weekly basis, of which 25 pct said they worked 1-3 hours more, a 17 pct said they worked 4-6 hours more, a 4 pct said they worked 7-8 hours more and a 6.0 pct said they worked more than 9 hours more. A 52 pct of workers with overtime work is not paid for overtime work and a 60 pct of part-time workers said they worked more than 20 hours per week.

The survey also showed that a 53 pct of respondents were pessimistic over the country’s course in the coming months, a 35 pct said they were pessimistic over their jobs and a 56 pct were optimistic.