45 migrants and refugees found adrift off southern Crete agree to land

Forty-five migrants and refugees who were found adrift on a 20-meter wooden boat off the southernmost point on Crete, the Lithino promontory facing the Libyan Sea, on Monday agreed later the same day to be transported to land by Greek authorities and Frontex.

The boat was located by an aircraft of Frontex, the EU border authority, which had started a search along with three coast guard patrol boats and nearby fishboats following a call received on the European emergency line 112 by someone on board.

Initially, the 45 turned down attempts to be transferred to land, saying they wished to continue their journey. Following negotiations, and a restart of their boat, they headed to the Kali Limenes port on Crete, escorted by a coast guard vessels, a tanker, a freighter and a tugboat.