British Actress Vanessa Redgrave visits migrant reception center in Athens

British Actress Vanessa Redgrave visits the refugee hospitality camp in Eleonas, accompanied by Greece’s Deputy Immigration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas.

On Wednesday, Redgrave will attend the play “My Favorite Smyrna” staged for the second consecutive year by the Foundation of the Hellenic World, at the “Hellenic Cosmos” Cultural Center.

Always championing human rights, Redgrave was moved by the tragedy of Greek refugees from Smyrna as presented in the play. Seeing the similarities between today’s Syrian refugees and Greeks fleeing Smyrna in 1922, made the actress become a more prominent face for the issue of helping those fleeing war-torn conflict.

“People in Europe should be better informed about what happened in Smyrna and such tragedies should not be repeated,”, she said.

Recently Redgrave also organized charitable performances in London to raise money for refugees.