Enterprise Greece unveils 2017 action plan

Enterprise Greece has set out an action plan to represent as many as possible extrovert economic sectors to international faris and to strengthen the presence of Greek enterprises in existing markets and to begin activities in new and emerging markets in 2017.

“We are programming our participation in more international fairs (45 from 35 in 2016) for the second successive year with the organizing of a national pavillion and we are already recording a significant increase in the number of participating exporters,” Christos Staikos, chairman of Enterprise Greece told ANA.

He underlined actions planned to promote the dynamic and rapidly growing sector of technology and that of the shipping equipment sector. Speaking to ANA, Staikos said that 2017 will be a “rebranding” year for Enterprise Greece with a new logo and a new message. He said the 2017 action plan will include invitation of buyers and importers from significant foreign markets and the organizing of business delegations and B2B meetings with Greek enterprises, along with events in foreign countries to promote Greek products, such as promotion of Greek wine in cooperation with the National Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine.

“We are continuing our action in new markets, such as in South Korea and Japan (wine-food and shipping equipment), Iran (technology) and Kenya (building materials) and focusing on new markets such as Indonesia,” Staikos said, adding: “I note the promotion of the dynamic and rapidly growing sector of technology, with the participation in five fairs in 2016 and we plan a more integrated extrovert strategy developing combined actions both to attract investments and to promote exports”.

He said that Enterprise Greece was increasing actions with participation in three international fairs in the US, Singapore and South Korea.

Enterprise Greece expect that stronger economic and political stability in the country would improve investment and business climate in the country and noted that exports of food and beverage grew around 10 pct in the January-October 2016 period.