EMST offers free entrance to Chinese xieyi art exhibition

A new exhibition showcasing the Chinese art of xieyi, or free-style drawing, opened this week at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) in Athens.

“Chinese Xieyi: Masterpieces from the National Art Museum of China” includes 58 drawings and paintings grouped in three parts (Freehand Brushwork, Imagery and Artistic Conception), and is held within the framework of the Greece-China Cultural Year 2017.

“The paintings will allow visitors to understand the Chinese people’s tastes and means of expression,” said Zhang Shijun, deputy director of the National Art Museum of China, during the opening event on Friday. “Greece has become a well-loved country in China, while collaborations in trade, culture and other sectors have grown,” he added.

EMST is completing a year of activities, its director Katerina Koskina said, remarking: “We are continuing despite the difficulties, which thankfully are fewer, so that EMST may operate fully within the next few months. We are trying to get more staff; from the original 14-15 people, we are now 18-19 staff and continuing.”

The exhibition will run to November 14, 2017, and entrance will be free to the public until October 1.