98,000 persons die every year from medical errors; no data on deaths in Greece

98,000 persons die every year from medical errors in the Western world.

In Greece there is no official medical error log and therefore no data on deaths. “Medical errors in the specialties of surgery, paediatrics and pathology in our country is the result of several factors,” the scientific head of the European research programme “Organisational Culture and Patient Safety”, assistant professor of AUTH Medical School, Evharis Panagopoulos said to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

The results of the unit “Factors of preventing medical errors” of the programme “Organisational Culture and Patient Safety” concerning Greece showed that none of the participating hospitals had a formal medical error log.

A 47% -51% of respondents said that they made at least one mistake in the last month, while 4% -5% reported that errors were more than four. Also, in all three disciplines (surgery, paediatrics and pathology), the errors were mainly the result of poor or inadequate teamwork. It was found that women make fewer mistakes than men and more experienced doctors more errors than the inexperienced ones.