School buildings safe for use after earthquake, official says

All public buildings in Attica region, including schools, are safe for use after repairs following the July earthquake, an official said on Thursday.

Speaking at a regional council meeting on Wednesday, CEO of School Buildings SA (KTYP) Yiannis Charonitis said that “the buildings withstood last July’s earthquake very well and any resulting damage has been repaired.”

Acharnes mayor Spyros Vrettos detailed the actions taken by engineers and services in Zefyri, Menidi, Liossia and Thrakomakedones, where repairs were complete.

Regional council member Evropi Kosmidou reiterated an earlier proposal by the Attica Region governor Giorgos Patoulis that the Technical Chamber of Greece be contracted to carry out inspections of school buildings in the country’s most populous region.