Turkey drops espionage charges against Greek servicemen arrested in Evros in 2018

A Turkish attorney general has dropped espionage charges against Greek servicemen Dimitris Kouklatzis and Angelos Mitretodis, who will only be tried for illegal entry into Turkey, the Turkish news agency Anodolu reported on Wednesday.

According to Anadolu, the two Greek servicemen, who were arrested by Turkish authorities in March 2018 in Evros, northern Greece while they were on a foot patrol along the border with Turkey, and released in August 2018 after 5.5 months detention, will be tried not for espionage, but only for illegal entry into the neighbouring country.

In an investigation carried out by the Attorney General of Edirne on the charge of military espionage, it was decided there was no reason to prosecute them, since after examining their cellphones no incriminating evidence was found.

Therefore, the court will only consider the charge of entering a restricted military zone in the case of the two soldiers, who, according to the Turkish news agency’s reports, “accidentally crossed the Greek-Turkish border.”