EU summit meeting to be held via teleconference – Expectations for agreement

The EU summit meeting will be held via teleconference on Thursday. The 27 European leaders are expected to agree on using their common budget for the period 2021-27 to help boost growth. They are also expected to approve 500 billion euros in emergency aid that will take effect in June.

There expectations for reaching an agreement on how exactly they will finance the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic are low, however, as there are still major disagreements within the Union.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Tuesday spoke with European Council President Charles Michel, ahead of the EU summit.

According to government sources, the two officials discussed the EU’s ongoing response to the economic implications of the coronavirus pandemic, via new financial instruments and joint interventions that will ensure cohesion and solidarity among member states.

Mitsotakis also stressed the need to restore the smooth running of EU markets and called on European authorities to work out a coherent framework for normalising transport and tourism.