LIFE: at the heart of climate action

Brown bears are protected in the EU… but that doesn’t mean they’re always civilised. Clumsy bears can cause damage when they’re hungry. This is when Rok and his team step in. “The size of the bear population is now being controlled, this helps prevent conflict [with humans]. Other steps we’ve taken include paying compensation when they cause damage and setting up the [bear] response team.” The project was partly funded by LIFE, the only EU programme completely dedicated to the protection of the environment and climate. Since its launch in 1992, it has helped more than 4,500 conservation projects, protecting animals, plants and our planet. “Anything that can be put together to make environmental work better and make people work better with the environment, is doable inside the scope of the LIFE programme.” Bears are not the only ones that need a helping hand… The LIFE programme will now start supporting projects which are helping build a circular, low-carbon economy. Like funding clean energy projects which use hydrogen or renewables such as wind or solar. This means investing in new technologies, ideas and solutions to develop EU climate policy. LIFE supports organisations, grassroots action and projects that protect our environment. “It gives normal citizens a possibility to achieve something in the field of environment. And that’s enormously important in a very complicated world where you sometimes feel that you don’t have any influence.” LIFE is doing its part to help reach the EU’s goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2050.