Devastating Attica fires still blazing out of control on all three fronts; more areas evacuated in Attica, Evia

The fires in Attica continued to blaze uncontrollably on Friday, along all three fronts that formed during the night – at the side of the Athens-Lamia national highway toward Kapandriti, on the foothills of Parnitha in Afidnes and in Ippokratios Politia where both homes and businesses were burned.

The most worrying front, according to the fire brigade, was that burning with a direction toward Kapandriti where the fire managed to traverse the national highway at several points and finally formed a single unified front.

This was headed toward Polydendri and Kapandriti but also toward Malakasa and Marathon Lake, with messages sent to residents in those areas to evacuate.The latest message was sent to those in the Marathon Lake and Kaletzi areas on Friday afternoon, via the 112 emergency number, to evacuate toward Grammatiko. The message said: “If you are in the Marathon Lake or Kaletzi, Attica area evacuate now toward Grammatiko. Forest fire in your area. Self-protection instructions”
Agios Stefanos was no longer at risk, the fire brigade said, with the fire now threatening Kapandriti and Malakasa.

Another major problem caused by the fires is the thick smoke that has blanketed the Attica sky, creating a stifling atmosphere.

Among the forces fighting the flames are 83 fire-fighters sent from France, who arrived in Greece at 1:00 on Friday.

The situation, already extremely difficult, is expected to get worse during the day as wind intensity picks up and starts to fan the flames.

The fire in Afidnes, meanwile, was burning a factory producing paints and solvents, where repeated explosions were preventing fire fighters from approaching.

Fire on Evia raging unchecked, with more villages evacuated

Nine aircraft and helicopters were deployed in the battle against the fires raging in north and central Evia on Friday, where three major fronts as well as many smaller pockets of rekindled fire were burning.

Orders were given for the evacuation of the village Kirinthos, east of Strofylia, on the eastern side of the front, following by instructions to begin the evacuation of the villages Farakla, Zoodochou Pigis, Metohi, Kehries, Mantoudi, Kymasi, Krya Vrysi and Spathari.
One front on the western flank of the fire was burning its way down from Drymonas to Vasilika, getting to within a few hundred metres from the sea.

The same front is also moving west toward Istiaia-Edipsos, from Agdines toward Tsapournia and Milies. Measures have been taken here for the villages west of Kryoneri – Milia and Kyparissi – though the flames had not reached them.

Man dies from injuries during fire at Ippokratios Politia

A 38-year-old man has died from injuries sustained at Ippokratios Politia in northern Attica, KAT hospital announced on Friday afternoon.

The man was a resident in the area afflicted by the ongoing fires, and was transferred to KAT hospital in Athens at 14:00 on Friday with head injuries after a power pole fell on him. Even though he showed no vital signs, doctors tried to resuscitate him for 70 minutes, to no avail, added KAT.