Appointment platform for booster shot against covid opens on Friday

The platform will open on Friday evening so that people over 18 years old can book an appointment for a third dose of the vaccine against Covid if 5.5 months have elapsed since they had their second dose.

The third dose will be given six months after the second dose of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca or Moderna vaccine. The booster shot can be either a Pfizer mRNA vaccine or half a dose of the Moderna vaccine.

The booster shot for those vaccinated with the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine can be done two months after vaccination, with either the Pfizer, Moderna (half-dose) or the Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

For the immunosuppressed, who are a special group, the booster shot can be done as little as one month after completing vaccination.

The third dose of the Covid vaccine began to be administered in Greece in September and aims to strengthen the immunity provided by the initial vaccination, which decreases after six months. It increases the antibody response, which is especially important for older people and reduces the rate of coronavirus infection. For this reason, the vaccination certificate, which allows holders to enter public indoor locations, will cease to be valid after seven months for those over 60 years old. This gives holders a margin of one month to get vaccinated with the 3rd dose after the six months is up and thus obtain a new certificate.