Personal data: How easily do Greeks share it?

Three out of five Greeks are more or less worried about their personal data when they share it, according to the results of the new pan-Hellenic research of Focus Bari on the attitude of Greeks towards their personal data. In fact, older people and locals are a little more concerned when sharing their information.

Based on the results of the research on the attitude of Greeks towards their personal data:

Name, email, date of birth and mobile number are the details that are accepted to be shared by about one in two Greeks, while far fewer express willingness to share more, such as address, landline, history of visited sites, search history (search), Online browsing history, audio dialogs, medical history, financial information, and family history.

When technology asks them to allow tracking or their navigation history, two out of three Greeks respond selectively and under certain conditions, with the most common:

The purchase of a product or service,

downloading a software,

or the promise of a more personalized service.

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