Greece taps bond markets for another €400 million

Greece secured reduced interest rates for its 15- and 20-year bonds it reopened on Monday, eventually raising 400 million euros.

The Public Debt Management Agency announced it drew €250 million from the 15-year bond that matures on January 30, 2037 at a rate of 3.51%, against an original 4.00%.

Total bids reached €920 million (coverage ratio 3.68 times).

It added that the reopening on the same day of the 20-year bond with maturity January 30, 2042 raised €150 million at an interest rate of 3.56%, against an original 4.20%.

Bids amounted to €675 million (coverage ratio 4.50 times).

On Wednesday the PDMA will also auction 26-week treasury bills, aiming to raise at least €625 million.