Digital Governance Min.: “We changed and improved the state-citizen relationship” – The digital transition in Greece

The Minister of Digital Governance, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, spoke about the digital transition in Greece at the New America Foundation, during his visit to Washington.

Mr. Pierrakakis noted that “we have created the Bible of digital transformation and we expect to have achieved all the goals by 2026”, while referring to the work being done by the ministry so that citizens can receive by SMS the examinations they should have in the context of their annual check-up. “Consider that my team had to talk on the phone with all the hospitals in the country, which have different systems and which systems do not “converse” and find all the solutions so that the service works for everyone.”

Citizen-centric approach

At the same time, the minister spoke about a citizen-centric approach and where all the services are gathered, which have reached 1,398. He stressed, in fact, that “digital reform was a vision that the prime minister had and includes service design, simplification of procedures, their digitization and, of course, telecommunications.”

Among other things, Mr. Pierrakakis pointed out that one of the basic reforms was that “as soon as we took over the ministry, we passed the bill on digital transformation in Parliament, which was passed with unprecedented acceptance by the majority of parties. We are not looking at how to make grandiose-perfect projects on the digital transformation, but we are building on daily small or even bigger ‘victories’,” he added.

“We have changed and improved the state-citizen relationship”, underlined the Minister of Digital Government, to add that “Citizen Service Centers will continue to exist because the fact that you make jumps in digital does not mean that you cancel the service with physical presence. On the contrary, you gather all the digital applications into one “.