Tourism Min.: Greece 3rd most popular destination for visiting Brits

“In the midst of the multiple crises we have been facing internationally for the last three years, our country’s tourism product has proven to be extremely resilient. Travelers from abroad who visit Greece, continue to give a vote of confidence in our country”, noted the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias, in an interview given to OPEN television channel.

According to the Minister of Tourism – as shown by latest data – Greece is the third most popular tourist destination for British tourists, after Spain and the Canary Islands, out of a total of 26 countries.

Mr. Kikilias noted that Greece has proven to be a safe tourist destination, during the pandemic. The Minister of Tourism referred to the targeted strategy that was followed, all the previous months, in order to have quality services at the moment, more tourist arrivals to more destinations, for a longer period of time and at a higher average spending.

The Minister of Tourism made a special reference to northern Evia and Samos, two areas that were particularly affected last year by catastrophic fires and extreme weather events. As he stressed, the Government has provided a special digital “pass” exclusively for these destinations – up to 150 euros for northern Evia and up to 300 euros for Samos – in order to in every way stimulate the tourist product, strengthen the local economy, and professionals and industry workers in these areas as well. The minister recommended that all should visit these areas

As the Minister of Tourism underlined, our tourism product is the firepower of the Greek economy, as -as he said- it brings direct, hot, money to the average Greek company, to the average Greek family.