Greek PM: Extension of hours until 6 pm in kindergartens and primary schools

Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced the extension of the opening hours of primary schools and kindergartens until 6 in the afternoon from the speaker’s podium during his address on the demographic issue.

“Some immediate initiatives are in the final stages of preparation, including the extension of kindergartens and primary schools until 6 pm, to include the homework of children, thus relieving parents at home,” said the prime minister.

The main focus of Mr. Mitsotakis’ speech during his speech at the Conference “Demographic – The Great Challenge”, organized by Next is Now and Dome Consulting, was also providing housing for young people. This he said was a medium-term goal of the government. He also spoke about public-private partnerships for the development of abandoned buildings in Athens, in order to turn them into housing for young couples and to address the major issue of expensive rents.

The demographic problem

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis described the demographic issue as a time bomb, the timer of which is “running”.

He described the demographic problem as a national existential issue, the treatment of which requires the support of all parties.

Mr. Mitsotakis called on the parties of the parliament to a cross-party cooperation for the confrontation of the demographic problem, which, as he said, by its nature has a strategic and long-term character. The most burning dimension of the issue, he noted, is the economic and social impact, ie the shrinking of the economically active population, which works and maintains the rest of society. “We are not talking about a threat to our identity as Greeks. But one that will undermine the country’s ability to produce individual and public wealth, while maintaining a strong web that unites its citizens.”