Greek PM to inform European leaders about Turkish proclivities at the Thessaloniki Summit

Kyriakos Mitsotakis will inform his counterparts about the Turkish crescendo of provocations in the framework of the Southeast European Cooperation Process (SEECP) Summit that will take place today in Thessaloniki, as he stated in an interview given to the Municipal Radio of Thessaloniki, FM 100.

However as he noted in no case is Turkey the main object of this Summit, adding that interest is focused on Southeastern Europe and on the leading role that Greece can play.”

Apart from SE European leaders German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, is also in Thessaloniki today, at the PM’s invitation and will attend a dinner which will with the Prime Ministers of the Balkans and the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

Yesterday’s raves and dangerous escalation by the Turkish President have raised concerns in Athens that these may be a prelude to a more substantive incident, hence the decision to raise the issue at the Summit.

Greece is dynamically returning to southeastern Europe

According to Mr. Mitsotakis, Greece is returning dynamically to SE Europe and is therefore keen to “anchor” the countries of the Western Balkans in the “safe port” of Europe. Hence his choice to hold the Summit in Thessaloniki and the invitation to Charles Michel and Olaf Scholz to attend.

The Summit will focus on Southeastern Europe and the leading role in which Greece, Northern Greece and especially Thessaloniki can play, as a gateway for products and energy, noted Mr. Mitsotakis,