Paros inundated by flocks of tourists

Paros continues to gather tourist, registering 13,094 visitors arrivals through 261 flights, in May, while in the corresponding month of 2019 8,319 visitors had arrived through 178 flights.

Arrivals to the island by ferry in May, are also noteworthy, as they surpassed arrivals in May 2019 by 7%. Ferries also carried 22% more private cars indicating longer stays, which in turn is an indication of a successful tourism year.

Specifically, according to data from the Paros Port Authority, 46,495 people, 4,476 cars, 1,216 trucks and 968 two-wheelers arrived on the island in May 2022, compared to 43,516 people, 3,604 cars, 970 trucks and 941 two-wheelers that arrived in May 2019.