Posidonia 2022 – CLIA: Greece is a top cruise destination

The International Association of Cruise Companies (CLIA) was visibly present at the top global shipping event, at a crucial juncture for shipping and the cruise industry, which has rebounded to pre-pandemic levels.

Marie-Caroline Laurent, CLIA Europe Director-General lauded the exhibition, its organizers, but also the Greek government on efforts to achieve “our ambitious environmental goals,” while also making contacts with leading shipping players with an emphasis on a green agenda.

Commitment to “clean cruise”

Environmental protection and sustainability are top priorities for CLIA, but also for the entire shipping industry, as confirmed by all attendees at this year’s Posidonia. CLIA members are committed to a “clean cruise” with zero carbon emissions by 2050 and in order to achieve this goal there is clear commitment for investments in new ships with modern technological infrastructure.

Already, there are orders for 178 new cruise ships by 2027, the value of which will reach 47 billion euros. 93% of these ships are built in European shipyards, proving that the cruise industry feeds the industrial excellence of the European shipbuilding industry.

Ms. Laurent dotted on the fact that CLIA has a vision for a carbon-free cruise by 2050, and noted that the cruise industry is an integral part of sustainable tourism and especially for Greece, one of the most popular cruise destinations.

As she said she is cooperating with the local authorities and the ports of Corfu and Heraklion Crete in order to help these destinations reap the maximum social and economic benefits from tourism, while protecting their long-term sustainability.

Greece is a top cruise destination

The upgrade of Greece’s role as a top cruise destination is also confirmed by this year for the country: Of the 279 cruise ships of CLIA member companies worldwide, 87 will operate in Greece this year, of which 47 will homeport in Greece ports, with full or partial boarding of passengers. This is a trend that started in the midst of a pandemic, when Greece starred in the resumption of the cruise, and continues just as dynamically.