NATO SG: Greece will provide ships for the export of grain from Ukraine

Greece says it is willing to deploy ships to help export grain from Ukrainian ports, according to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

“Greece has announced that it is ready to provide ships for the export of grain from Ukraine,” Stoltenberg was quoted as saying by Reuters.

The NATO secretary general also said that Sweden and Finland would sign the NATO accession protocol on Tuesday to formally join the alliance.

The procedure stipulates that the accession protocol must then be ratified by all 30 parliaments of NATO members.

NATO, Russia and China

It is noted that the main issues on the agenda of the Summit, which was completed, were Russia – which is considered the most important threat to the security of NATO countries, China and its new security challenges, the strengthening of the Alliance’s eastern borders with more than 300,000 troops, the continuity of support for Ukraine and the expansion of the Alliance with the accession of Sweden and Finland.