Mytilineos’ contract with the Monastic Community of Mount Athos

Mytilineos signed a contract with the Holy Community of Mount Athos in order to contribute to the energy saving of the Holy Monasteries through Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit (SES BU).

The main objective of the project is the use of Renewable Energy Sources to cover a significant part of the annual electricity consumption of the Monastic Community.

The total consideration of the contract stands at 12,844,955.40 euros for MYTILINEOS excluding VAT and the total duration of the project is eighteen (18) months.

The project

The project concerns the supply, installation and commissioning of 21 stand-alone Photovoltaic Plants with a total capacity of 2.64MW and energy storage systems (Li-on BESS) with a total capacity of approximately 5 MWh which will be installed near the buildings of 17 Iera Mona and 4 components of 3 of them.

The intervention in the existing energy systems of Mount Athos aims to:

  • the safeguarding of the natural environment by reducing CO2 emissions from fuel oil combustion and mitigating noise pollution from the operation of power generators
  • reducing electricity costs by using solar energy and shifting away from the use of liquid fuels
  • the modernisation of the functions of the Holy Monastery through using new technologies; and
  • saving energy by applying the Energy Management System (EMS) and using high efficiency equipment

Dimitrios Triantafyllopoulos, Director New Energy Solutions of SES BU stated: “We are proud of this new project by MYTILINEOS bringing the Monastic Community of Mount Athos closer to the energy of the future, with the most cutting-edge renewable energy and storage systems and with respect for the protection of this important landscape. The contribution of green energy achieves savings and self-sufficiency, ensuring the sustainability of the Monastic Community in this challenging international context.”