Technical details for energy subsidy measures to be finalised

The technical details for the “package” of energy subsidy measures that will be implemented as of October are being finalised over this period by the relevant ministries. The measures are expected to be announced as early as next week.

According to senior officials of the Environment and Energy Ministry, the percentage of energy savings that consumers must achieve in relation to 2021 consumption, in order to ensure an additional discount, has been set at 15%, as well as that all household consumption (not only for the first but also for any second residence) will be subsidised. The levels of electricity consumption in which the new subsidies will be applied are being examined, as the subsidy for total consumption that is now in force will cease.

With reference to the ceiling on the compensation price of power generation units (it is the Greek model adopted by the Commission), the same sources stated that the basis remains the Greek plan which in any case provides for a monthly review of the prices charged by power producers, depending on the actual unit cost fluctuation.